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Benefits & Customization

Benefits of Steel Structures

Durability – the steel used in metal buildings can withstand even the most sever weather conditions.  They also stand the test of time and will last decades without showing much wear and tear.

Ease of Maintenance – There are no worries about roof shingles that need to be replaced, deteriorating exterior materials, or hard to clean surfaces.  A simple hose-down periodically will keep your building clean and make it look excellent. 

Simplicity – There are few materials involved with a steel building and structures. They are easy to assemble in a short amount of time.

Flexibility – You can build nearly anything with steel buildings.  Doors or any type of windows, plush interiors can all be part of these structures with little planning. 

Affordability – The materials used to create steel buildings are far less expensive than concrete, lumber, brick, etc. needed to construct other types of structures.

Easy to Handle – There are not many pieces of a steel building that are difficult to handle.  The steel tubing is not as heavy as you may think, and the sheet metal is easy to work with. 

Energy Efficiency - Steel Buildings can be insulated with spray insulation that is very energy efficient and the insulation can seal up leaks or spaces, keeping the need for cooling and heating to a minimum.

Buildings are Bug-Proof – owners of steel buildings will not have to worry about structural damage due to an infestation of bugs eating away at the building materials because there are no bugs that can eat through steel.

Inexpensive Repairs - If the building is in need of repair for one reason or another, you can simply attach another piece of metal over the damaged area. If the damage is larger, it is inexpensive and simple to replace the entire section. 

Roof Options
Regular Roof.png

Regular Roof

Vertical Roof.png

Vertical Roof

Boxed-Eve Roof.png

Boxed-Eve Roof

Color Options

**All colors are a digital approximation**

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